Some papers before 2000 are available here.


Nonstandard dynamic logic publications of Andréka, H. and Németi, I. (1978 – 1995)


PAPERS after 2000


Papers in relativity after 2000

Papers in relativistic computing

Papers in algebra, logic and algebraic logic after 2000


Sample papers

·         How many varieties of cylindric algebras are there. arXiv:1509.03743. Transactions of AMS 369,12 (2017), 8903-8937. Andréka, H. and Németi, I.

·         Comparing theories: the dynamics of changing vocabulary. In: Johan V. A. K. van Benthem on logical and informational dynamics. Editors: A. Baltag and S. Smets., Springer Series Outstanding contributions to logic Vol 5, Springer Verlag, 2014. pp.143-172. Andréka, H. and Németi, I.

·         General relativistic hypercomputing and foundation of mathematics.  Natural Computing 8,3 (2009) 499-516. Andréka, H., Németi, I. and Németi, P.

·         A twist in the geometry of rotating black holes: seeking the cause of acausality.  General Relativity and Gravitation 40,9 (2008), 65-89. Andréka, H.  Németi, I. and Wüthrich, C.

·         Logic of spacetime and relativity. In: Handbook of Spatial Logics. Eds: Aiello, M. Pratt-Hartmann, I., and van Benthem, J. Springer Verlag,  2007. pp. 607-711.  Andréka, H. Madarász, J. X. and Németi, I.