Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics,

Budapest, Hungary, September 2 - September 22, 2001

The Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences which has recently been awarded the grant Centre of Excellence of the European Union, will host a 3 week programme in September 2001, in cooperation with The Erdős Summer Institute, and the European networks EAGER and Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry. This event is supported by the EU High Level Scientific Conferences Project (proposal HIGHARITHM, contract No. HPCF 2001-00062).


Organizing Committee: Károly Böröczky, Jr., András Némethi and Tamás Szamuely.

Aim and scope

The programme is organized in order to encourage collaboration between specialists in higher dimensional complex geometry and those studying arithmetic/diophantine questions. In recent years it became apparent that the powerful geometric tools elaborated in connection with Mori's Minimal Model Program have applications over arithmetic ground fields as well. We hope that bringing together experts and graduate students specialising in higher dimensional geometry or arithmetic will induce further cross-fertilization between the two fields and give rise to new powerful results.

Main topics:

  • classification and minimal models of varieties
  • rationally connected varieties
  • rational and integral points
  • fundamental groups and Galois groups


    Week 1 (3-7 September): Instructional Conference (Euro Summer School)

    Abstracts of lecture courses: