Homepage of Gábor Braun

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I am a young researcher in mathematics.

Current activities (2009 autumn—2010 summer)

Past achievements

Main fields of research interest

My research interests are still undetermined but I recognize the following trends:

Research interests
Research topic Reason of interest
interaction of various fields of mathematics a sign of unity
algebra and logic more the same than you think
algebraic topology and geometry ways of describing spacetime
category theory: higher categorical structures potential tools for higher dimensions


Current contact

This address is valid to the end of June 2010.
Universität Dusiburg—Essen
Universitätsstraße 2
45141 Essen
Office: T03 R02 D20
Phone: (49-201) 183 3003

Long term contact

Except email, I am currently unavailable here.
Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Budapest, Reáltanoda u. 13–15.
Office: I.6
Phone: (36-1) 483 8302 / 303
Fax: (36-1) 483 8333

Email address is deliberately in non-standard form to make crawlers harder to decypher it.