1p               1p             2p                                         a game by Balázs Szegedy

Summary: Blue Bear lives in an asymmetric world with gravity. Orange-green colored stones move only in two directions: left and down. Each move of a stone is rewarded with points. Elevators can move up, down and left. Each move to the left is worth one point. Gray blocks can't move at all. The goal of the game is to collect points. Reaching target score is a good result (sometimes it is really difficult so don't give up) however interesting game play has a its own value. Trying elaborate and risky combinations can give a sense of adventure: you can never know how it will end up. Have fun and make the bear smile :-)

Game info: I first programmed this game around the age of 10 (mid 80's) on an ancient computer called laser 2001 (probably you have never heard about this nice computer.) Later I produced a version for C64 and a C++ version but I did not publish them. My father (who was a critical person) really enjoyed it so I finally decided to share it - maybe somebody gets hooked on it.... This is only a demo version so share your comments at if you have any. If some people like this game I will add new levels and upgrades.

Rules and controls:

Gravity: Bears don't float in the air. Blue Bear also obeys the rule of gravity.

Left and right + climbing: The bear can move left or right if there is empty place. However if the place in the direction is not empty then it automatically climbs obstacles of height one

Up and down with elevators: Up and down works only if the bear is standing on an elevator.

Jumps: Blue Bear is a fit bear. It can jump 2 units to left and right. It can also jump up 2 units combined with a move to the left or right.

Switch: If there is an orange stone or an elevator to the right then this move switches the bear with it and 1 point is given.

Pull: If there is an orange stone or an elevator above the bear and there is empty space on the left hand side then the bear moves to the left and the stone or elevator comes down. If it is a stone then 1 point is given. Sorry: no point is given for pulling down elevators. This could be used to generate infinite points.

Push: If there is an orange stone below the bear then they fall all the way down as a single unit. 2 points are given for this move.

Levels: Levels are not necessarily ordered according to difficulty. The target score is a good score to reach however it is not always the maximum points you can get. I encourage you to beat these scores if you can!