BBC+G Seminar
(Budapest Big Combinatorics and Geometry Seminar),
Rényi Institute, Fall 2023


Usually Fridays 2.15-3.45 pm, Kutyás terem

Zoom link for the online lectures: and the password is the first 6 terms from the Fibonacci sequence starting with 11.
Recordings of previous lectures

January 19. József Solymosi: Additive structure in convex translates

February 16. Dan Král': Depth parameters of matroids

February 23. Géza Tóth: Crossing numbers of crossing-critical graphs

March 1. Arsenii Sagdeev: Canonical results in Ramsey theory

March 8. Károly Böröczky: Almost optimal packings of equal spheres in dimensions 8 and 24

March 22. Gábor Damásdi: Number of digons in arrangements of pairwise intersecting pseudo-circles

April 5. Dmitrii Zakharov: Lower bounds for incidences

April 12. Zsolt Lángi: Honeycomb Conjecture in normed planes and an alpha-convex variant of Dowker's theorem

April 19. Gyula Károlyi: A covering problem for Coxeter permutahedra

April 26. Gergely Kiss: The discrete Pompeiu problem in R^k$ and its consequences

May 3. Gábor Tardos: Forbidden acyclic patterns in 0-1 matrices

May 10.

May 17. Joel Spencer: Random gems Nagyterem (great lecture hall)

May 24. Imre Bárány: A special balancing game, Victor Grinberg's question

July 2-5. Discrete Geometry Days^3

July 8-12. Summit280

Previous semesters:
Special Semester on Discrete Geometry and Convexity, Erdős Center, Fall, 2023.

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