Groups, graphs, and stochastic processes
Mathematics MSc and PhD, spring 2024
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Matematika BSc, 2023 ősz
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Zárthelyik: október 18-án és december 13-án, a gyakorlat idejében és helyszínén.

Measured group theory
Mathematics, applied mathematics BSc and MSc program, Spring 2017/2018
Here is a growing list of exercises complementing the lectures. Solve 6 out of 8 and submit them before the 16th of June to receive full marks.

Helpful literature:
Notes on amenable groups by Gábor Lippner, in Hungarian;
Probability on Trees and Networks by Russell Lyons and Yuval Peres, Cambridge University Press;
Groups, Graphs and Trees by John Meier, Cambridge University Press;
Probability and Geometry on Groups by Gábor Pete.